[Air-L] Scholarship on Social Media Influencers working with public service (or non-profits)

Christopher Cwynar cwynar at gmail.com
Thu Nov 2 06:12:50 PDT 2023


I am hoping that there may be members of our community who might be able to
recommend some work on social media influencers operating on behalf of
public services (e.g. municipal services like local city communications
offices, tourism agencies, or even national parks). Work on influencers
operating on behalf of not-for-profits could also be relevant.
Recommendations could come from a critical or a strategic comm point of

The context for this request is that I have a senior class working with a
local city's communications team to develop some recommendations for a
youth ambassador program. However, it has come to light that our partners
may actually be more interested in an influencer-type model. While I have
some solid materials regarding influencers in general, I have yet to find
much that addresses influencers working on behalf of governments or public
offices on a freelance basis.

Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to provide.



Christopher Cwynar, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator
Trent University Durham-GTA
cwynar at gmail.com <http://ccwynar@wisc.edu/cwynar@gmail.com>

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