[Air-L] Global Call for Contributions: International Observatory on Information and Democracy

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Wed Nov 22 00:38:53 PST 2023

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Dear Asia Pacific community,

Hope this message finds you well. The International Observatory on
Information and Democracy is now calling for contributions to gather
international research on the four priority themes of its inaugural report:

   - Artificial Intelligence, information ecosystems and democracy
   - Media Politics and Trust
   - Data Governance and Democracy
   - Misinformation and Disinformation (as a cross-cutting issue)

This report will establish a common understanding of what we know – and
don’t know – and thus support governments, policymakers, regulatory bodies,
NGOs and tech corporations to debate and design better policies to
safeguard our democratic institutions.

We are looking for experts and researchers to submit their literature
material answering the research questions addressed in the call.

Highlight your research among international experts and be acknowledged as
a contributor to the Observatory’s inaugural report by sharing your
comments or papers, reports or published opinions on the four priority

Share your comments or papers, reports or published opinion pieces *before
7 January 2024* at

Best regards,

*Jenna Fung*
Program Manager *| **NetMission.Asia*
email. jenna.fung at netmission.asia
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