[Air-L] Lecture: What makes it Indigenous

Gerald Voorhees dr.g.voorhees at gmail.com
Mon Nov 27 05:00:00 PST 2023

[POSTER] Guest lecture w/ Meagan Bryne

 Dear friends and colleagues,

Please join us for an upcoming event hosted online and at the University of
Waterloo Games Institute <https://uwaterloo.ca/games-institute/>:

On Tuesday, 12 December from 11AM-12:30PM (EST/UTC-5): What Makes it
Indigenous: On Readabilty and Forced Readability in Indigenous Media
a lecture by Meagan Byrnes (Achimostawinan Games). Register for free using this
Eventbrite link

This talk will explore the concept of Readability and Forced Reliability of
Indigenous culture in games media. This talk will make clear how Indigenous
representation in media even by Indigenous creators can be subtly and not
so subtly influenced by an overarching Colonial system. It will explore how
this system with a vested interest in maintaining their conception of
Indigenous culture in the public consciousness through Forced Readability
can and does contribute to the erasure of Indigenous culture.

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