[Air-L] CFP: All Things in Moderation 2024 - Moderation in times of crisis

Fiona Martin fiona.martin at sydney.edu.au
Tue Nov 28 14:19:00 PST 2023

Dear Colleagues,

You are invited to contribute to the second annual All Things in Moderation conference<https://allthingsinmoderation.org/> (16-17 May, 2024). Note: the conference is virtual to ensure accessibility and inclusivity. The inaugural All Things in Moderation was held in May 2023 and was a great success, uniting moderation researchers, policy-makers and practitioners from around the world around the theme of 'Cultures of Care'. Last years program can be accessed here.<https://events.zoom.us/e/view/auw0XsGoRras7WAgDMNBfQ>

Proposal deadline: Feb 29, 2024. Papers due May 2024.

The world is experiencing an age of poly-crises, including increasing environmental disasters, rising refugee numbers and displacement, war and invasion, generational economic inequities, declining social cohesion, a rise in authoritarianism and a decline in democracy, surging online hate, and more.

These concerns are deeply interconnected, and, although they impact certain regions and communities unevenly, they materialise in a wide range of online communities and digital social settings, Humans who moderate are tasked with building or maintain safe, constructive interactions and cultures amongst and despite these crises, and in some cases, are leveraging their moderation practices to facilitate empathy and understanding.

All Things in Moderation 2024 puts the age of crises under the microscope, and seeks to examine the role and impacts of online moderation in this era, with the goal of generating critical research and promoting greater understanding and visibility of moderation practices.

We invite papers and academic contributions for ATIM 2024 that focus on the following and related themes:

* Moderation in times of crisis (social, political, cultural, economic, environmental, etc.)

* The impact of war on online communities and moderators

* Moderation as a colonising or decolonising practice

* Moderating online activism

* Moderation as resistance

* Trauma informed approaches to moderation

* The relationships between state actors, platforms and moderators

* How automation and AI is impacting moderation in turbulent times

We welcome proposals for papers or panel  (with several papers) exploring any and all aspects of these topics. In particular, we welcome submissions from non-dominant voices in academic or media on these issues, and from the global South.

Email Abstracts or Proposals of 300 words with a short biography to venessa.paech at sydney.edu.au by February 29, 2024. Final papers are due in May 2024 for summarised presentation at the conference. Organisers may pursue a special issue journal based on contributions.

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