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Wed Feb 11 13:14:03 PST 2004

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Bruce Mason wrote:
>>>>D.Slater at lse.ac.uk 11/02/04 11:54 AM >>>
>>Hello thread -
> But on a different note, I'm intrigued by the greeting that Don has used "Hello
> thread." One of the aspects on online communication I'm fascinated by (and this
> is pertinent) is the way in which we implicitly characterise the various media
> through speech behaviour. I've not come across "Hello thread" so I'm wondering
> if it has a history and also what it may imply (if anything) for the spatiality
> of 'threads'. Indeed I wonder if 'thread' as a concept exists for younger wired
> (in the broadest term) users.

Well, I'm constantly amazed that many of my students, who I now suddenly 
realize are not just a couple of years but a decade younger than me (what 
happened?), know little more about the Internet than IM, e-mail, and have 
rather limited experience in surfing the web. They don't know Usenet, 
associate mailinglists with spam, and visit web-based forums that don't do 
threading. Of course, it doesn't help that there isn't a good Dutch 
translation for the word "thread".


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