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S. Liban sam_liban at
Thu Feb 12 18:43:08 PST 2004

Hi Frank!

> Well, I'm constantly amazed that many of my students, who I
> now suddenly
> realize are not just a couple of years but a decade younger
> than me (what
> happened?), know little more about the Internet than IM,
> e-mail, and have
> rather limited experience in surfing the web. They don't
> know Usenet,

Maybe, all this is simply a sign, that the Internet is getting a part
of life - I cannot recall how it was when other media was "new", but I
can imagine, that the approach towards a totally new medium is quite
different from the approach to an existing - and we are all getting
older... :)

What I am trying to say, is that the difference you and others have
stated about the approach towards the Internet and all included or
herefrom evolved (forgive my English) communication-methods of
yourself and your students may have something to do with the
acceptance of the Internet as the "hype" VS. "just another medium"...

God bless the C64! (...and my pity to those, who used an Atari - not
to speak about the Spectrum) :)


sam liban

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