[Air-l] More slides from AoIR pre-con workshop on "Web as a Mirror"

Denise N. Rall denrall at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 27 13:33:58 PDT 2004

Dear AoIR workshop attendees - 

Like many others, my slides are late, and I only
apologize for sending this URL to the entire list, but
I cannot honestly remember WHO I promised copies of my
slides to, so . . .

Thanks to Mike Thelwahl and Irene Berkowitz for
organizing this amazing workshop and for the
incredible presentations and feedback afterwards.
Thanks also to our virtual ethnographer Christine Hine
mentioning the many metaphors of mirrors and what that
might mean to our research ("Alice through the Looking
Glass" among them).

Thanks also to Mike Thelwahl for putting up the
webpage and *citation* information - and note that my 
slides should arrive there in a couple of DAYS.


Cheers, Denise

Denise N. Rall, PhD candidate, School of Environ. Science,
Southern Cross University, Lismore NSW 2480 - Mobile 0438 233 344
Sustainable Forestry Mentoring Coordinator & Casual academic
Coastal Resource Management - Ph-Off (02)6620 3789 Hours: M 1-4:30 Presenting! Assoc. of Internet Researchers 5.0, Sussex University

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