[Air-l] Text book recommendations

Adam Muir A.Muir at griffith.edu.au
Thu May 25 06:10:40 PDT 2006

hi Heidi,

I have used a few of those kinds of books before, but the one that I 
return to is: 

*** New Media:  a Critical Introduction. - 2003 -  by Martin Lister, 
Kieran Kelly, Jon Dovey, Seth Giddings and Iain Grant.  Routledge.

I like this one because it is an introduction, but it is still challenging 
for students to read and understand.  It doesn't assume that you know 
nothing about media or the internet.

I think some "intro to new media" textbooks forget that the students are 
most likely familiar with the kinds of issues you would want to discuss, 
they just don't necessarily know how people speak academically about them 
(key buzzwords, different elements of [insert your own discipline], etc).

There are plenty of other texts that are good reads, but I find that the 
one I mentioned there covers the issues and leaves room for you to add 
your own ideas to.   It's a couple of years old now but anything 
contemporary that you can think of can probably be slotted into the 
existing material. 

I hope that might be of some use. 

Good luck! :)

- adam muir

PhD Candidate in Internetwork Ecology

School of Arts, 
Griffith University

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> Hi. 
>  I am preparing a grad course in the fall entitled New Media, Culture & 
Networked Society. It will focus on social & cultural issues > raised by 
communication and life in an information-based society. The dominant 
themes to be dealt with include: community, identity, > authority/power 
relations and religion/ideology.  I have been trying to find a core text 
book for such a course but have been having > difficulty. 
>  I have considered--David Bell (2001) Introduction to Cybercultures, New 
York: Routledge?as an introductory text but it seems a bit > dated now. I 
would welcome any recommendations from the list, or ?must-read? journal 
articles for the topics I have listed above.
>  Thanks.
>  Heidi Campbell
>  Dept. of Communication
>  Texas A&M University

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