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If you're looking for a more pop-ish article on MySpace and socio- 
cultural life, i published my (paper) speech at AAAS last year  
entitled "Identity Production in a Networked Culture: Why Youth Heart  
MySpace": http://www.danah.org/papers/AAAS2006.html

I also have a new (not-yet-published) article that builds off of this  
speech, situating my arguments presented here in theories of public  
life and identity.  This is currently working its way through the  
publication process (it has a home, just not a publication date or a  
final edit).  This article addresses the role that social network  
sites (primarily MySpace) play in American teen social life with a  
focus on the significance of participating in public life, both  
mediated and unmediated.  I'm happy to share it off-list with  
scholars and profs for research and teaching purposes.  My only  
request is that you don't forward it without my permission and you  
don't post it online.

The article published in _First Monday_ is much more about the  
practice of "friending" in a variety of different social sites.  It's  
useful for understanding why a MySpace "Friend" is not the same as a  
personal "friend."

In case it's of use, i have also collected all of the peer reviewed  
articles on social network sites that i know of on my blog: http:// 
-- i update this when i hear of new articles.  (If you know of some,  
please let me know!)


On Jan 15, 2007, at 2:38 PM, Heleen van der Klink wrote:

> Hello James,
> Geert Lovink, media theorist and one of our teachers/ researchers  
> at the
> University of Amsterdam, has written an article about MySpace:
> Geert Lovink. Escaping the Control Loops. Understanding MySpace.
> http://www.nomad-tv.net/kontrol/lovink.htm
> In this article Geert has the following references:
> Danah Boyd. Friend, Friendsters, Top 8: Writing Community into  
> being on
> social network sites.
> http://www.firstmonday.org/issues/issue11_12/boyd/index.html
> Anne Galloway. Myspace, Control and Users.
> http://www.spaceandculture.org/2006/05/myspace-control-and-users.php
> Fred Scharmen. Myspace and Control.
> http://www.sevensixfive.net/myspace/myspacetwopointoh.html
> Hopefully this is what you where looking for?
> kind regards,
> Heleen van der Klink
> http://mastersofmedia.hum.uva.nl
> 2007/1/15, James W Craine <james.w.craine at csun.edu>:
>> I am teaching a Geography of Media class this semester and want to  
>> include
>> a discussion of MySpace - can anyone recommend any foundational  
>> readings
>> that I might use - the readings do not have to be of a  
>> geographical nature -
>> I just need something that discusses MySpace as a social and cultural
>> construct - I'm hoping that there might be a few articles that are  
>> just
>> basic required reading for any class discussing MySpace - many thanks
>> James Craine
>> Department of Geography
>> California State University, Northridge
>> APCG Yearbook Editor
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