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Mariana Goya mgoyam at yahoo.com
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I recommend you to use the free download version of UCInet (http://www.analytictech.com/downloaduc6.htm). UCInet is easy to use and the functions are kind of intuitive if you have some network analysis background.

To easily get a drawing, follow the menu Data>Import from spreadsheet>DL to upload your data, and then open your file with Visualize>Netdraw.

you can also try Pajek (http://vlado.fmf.uni-lj.si/pub/networks/pajek/), which is also free

both programs come with very useful and easy to follow instructions,



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There is a plug in that works with Excel 2007 from the Microsoft Open  
Source Port 25 lab called Netmap

download it from codeplex

On 24-Oct-08, at 6:32 PM, Paul Emerson Teusner wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I have a small request for info. I've been looking at network  
> analysis tools
> currently available online/for download and have found all of them  
> rather
> cumbersome and far more sophisticated than myself.
> Rather than endeavouring to upgrade my brain to use them, I'm  
> wondering if
> anybody knows a simple program that can turn simple data on a  
> spreadsheet
> into a little diagram. I have a sample of only thirty to thirty-five
> bloggers, and want to show connections between the sites through  
> links and
> comments. I have all the data on spreadsheet, and just want to show it
> pictorially.
> Any ideas?
> paul emerson teusner
> fishers, surfers and casters -  <http://teusner.org/> http:// 
> teusner.org/
> bio -  <http://paulteusner.org/> http://paulteusner.org/
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