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The May 2010 issue of the American Behavioral Scientist (53,9), "The
Internet in Rural North American Life" edited by Michael J. Stern, Jessica
Collins, and Barry Wellman, is now available online.
(http://abs.sagepub.com/current.dtl) and will be in print in May.  The
papers address substantive and methodological issues of the place of the
internet in daily life, in general, with a specific focus on rural places
and their unique qualities. The articles focus on topics such as
geographic isolation, community cohesion, social networks, technological
diffusion, and challenges for survey research are addressed."

  Barry Wellman

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   Rural and Urban Differences in the Internet Society-Real and
   Relatively Important
       Michael J. Stern and Barry Wellman
       American Behavioral Scientist 2010;53 1251-1256

   The Consequences of Personal Networks for Internet Use in Rural Areas
       Jeffrey Boase
       American Behavioral Scientist 2010;53 1257-1267

   Community Cohesion and Canadian Rural E-Mail Behavior
       Derek Wilkinson
       American Behavioral Scientist 2010;53 1268-1282

   The Diffusion of Internet Technologies to Rural Communities: A
   Portrait of Broadband Supply and Demand
       Brian E. Whitacre
       American Behavioral Scientist 2010;53 1283-1303

   Rural-Urban Differences in General and Health-Related Internet Use
       Timothy M. Hale, Shelia R. Cotten, Patricia Drentea, and Melinda
       American Behavioral Scientist 2010;53 1304-1325

   Internet Service Provision in the U.S. Counties: Is Spatial Pattern a
   Function of Demand?
       Lila K. Khatiwada and Kenneth E. Pigg
       American Behavioral Scientist 2010;53 1326-1343

   Small Town in the Internet Society: Chapleau Is No Longer an Island
       Jessica L. Collins and Barry Wellman
       American Behavioral Scientist 2010;53 1344-1366

   The Network in the Garden: Designing Social Media for Rural Life
       Eric Gilbert, Karrie Karahalios, and Christian Sandvig
       American Behavioral Scientist 2010;53 1367-1388

   Do Rural Residents Really Use the Internet to Build Social Capital?
   An Empirical Investigation
       Michael J. Stern and Alison E. Adams
       American Behavioral Scientist 2010;53 1389-1422

   Using the Internet to Survey Small Towns and Communities: Limitations
   and Possibilities in the Early 21st Century
       Jolene D. Smyth, Don A. Dillman, Leah Melani Christian, and
       Allison C. O'Neill
       American Behavioral Scientist 2010;53 1423-1448


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