[Air-L] Thoughts on IRB and identity of researcher.

Matthew Bernius mbernius at gmail.com
Mon Apr 19 09:29:47 PDT 2010

> I also wonder if there is a generic IRB I can use or how an independent
> scholar handles such things. I am just one term past school studies may be
> my former school can help me. This has probably been answered here as I know
> there have been many discussions on this topic. I ask anyways. I think may
> be my school or employer could offer to do this process in an informal way.


If you are not conducting this research as part of an institution that
receives Federal funding, you do not have to apply for nor use IRB. This, of
course, does not discharge ethical responsibilities towards your subjects.
However, IRB approval/notification is only needed when one is conducting
research for an institution that receives specific funds.

That said, if you imagine that you might one day use said research for
future academic purposes, it's in your best interest to reproduce IRB as
best you can. However, said reproduction/performance of IRB and informed
consent, does not necessarily mean that any future academic institution will
**accept** whatever procedures that you use at any given moment before
becoming a student or faculty member there.

Hope this makes sense.

- Matt

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