[Air-L] AoIR 11.0 conference submission notifications

Mia Consalvo consalvo at ohio.edu
Fri Apr 30 08:15:36 PDT 2010

hello all,

For those of you who submitted a paper/panel/roundtable proposal to AoIR
11.0, I wanted to give you a quick update. We had originally listed April 28
as our notification date for all decisions. Unfortunately, we're having a
bit of a delay for a couple of reasons-- first, the initial deadline for
submissions was pushed back, giving reviewers less time to do the reviews,
and our program chair, Torill Mortensen, less time to collate and make
decisions based on those reviews. Second, this year we've had a large number
of submissions that needed to be re-assigned at the last minute, because
initial reviewers could not/did not complete their reviews. Please know that
Torill is working intensely to make final decisions, and notices should be
going out very soon. Thank you for your patience with the process- please
contact me off list if you have more specific questions or concerns.

all the best,

Mia Consalvo, President
Association of Internet Researchers

Visiting Associate Professor
Comparative Media Studies
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
77 Massachusetts Avenue, Building  14N-226
Cambridge, MA 02139-4307
consalvo at mit.edu

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