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Dear Colleagues,

I apologise for the self-promotion. Seeing that the list is used for
book announcements by others, I take the liberty to bring my newly
released monograph to your attention:

Internet and Change: An Anthropology of Knowledge and Flexible Work
(Hojbjerg, Intervention Press, 2010)
ISBN: 978-87-89825-97-7; 199 pages

Details below, and at:

How may internet use be related to social and cultural change? Debates
on this question have proliferated. Yet, conceptions of change in such
debates have remained conspicuously under-theorized. This book
approaches these issues through anthropological research among
'teleworkers', people working via internet from their homes in rural
Denmark. Through a rich ethnography of paid work as a cultural
practice, and drawing on social science studies of knowledge, it
develops a theory of cultural process and change, where particular
attention is devoted to the materiality of internet use, and to
situated experience, reflection, and agency. The study suggests that
telework is mostly practiced informally, and that this form of
flexible work is more prevalent than commonly assumed. Against
conventional assertions that flexible work promotes alienation, the
study argues for a more complex picture, where the cultural conception
of 'work' is incrementally changed through new practices of economic

Dr. Jens Kjaerulff
Lecturer, Social Anthropology
School of Social Sciences
Arthur Lewis Bld. 2.064
The University of Manchester
Oxford Rd.
Manchester M13 9PL


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