[Air-L] Permission to reproduce webpages?

Dan L. Burk dburk at uci.edu
Fri Sep 3 20:50:33 PDT 2010

> To be sure -- and this may be what Dan is
> getting at -- those several months of frustration were undoubtedly
> easier than being in the receiving end of a copyright infringement
> lawsuit. Even if “fair use” would have won out in such a case. I get
> that.


And, sometimes you are surprised.

I got a polite note from an anthology editor a couple of years back,
letting me know that he was including one of my articles in a collection
on digital ethics that he was preparing.

I wrote back and told him that I was happy to give permission for him to 
reprint the article in the collection.

He replied that he had already gotten permission from the publisher of the
journal where the article had first appeared, and had paid $500 for it. 
He was just dropping me a courtesy note to let me know about it.

I wrote back again and let him know that, since I do NOT assign my
copyright to journals, I was the copyright holder, not the journal, and I
was happy to give him permission for free.  Also, that he should ask for
his $500 back, since the journal publisher had no right to it.

He got his permission, my work became a bit more widely circulated, and he
saved $500.  DLB

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