[Air-L] Permission to reproduce webpages?

Gilbert B. Rodman gbrodman at mindspring.com
Fri Sep 3 21:02:06 PDT 2010

  A cool story. Thanks for sharing.

It also speaks to something I cut out of my (fruitless) search for the 
proper contact for Eminem's music publishing. Which is that the "easy" 
route would have been to write directly to Eminem's record label -- 
which has a published address, but which may not actually control his 
publishing rights ... but who may still have been happy to have me write 
them a fat check for permissions that they didn't have the legal right 
to give me anyway.


On 09/03/2010 10:50 PM, Dan L. Burk wrote:
>> To be sure -- and this may be what Dan is
>> getting at -- those several months of frustration were undoubtedly
>> easier than being in the receiving end of a copyright infringement
>> lawsuit. Even if “fair use” would have won out in such a case. I get
>> that.
> Exactly.
> And, sometimes you are surprised.
> I got a polite note from an anthology editor a couple of years back,
> letting me know that he was including one of my articles in a collection
> on digital ethics that he was preparing.
> I wrote back and told him that I was happy to give permission for him to
> reprint the article in the collection.
> He replied that he had already gotten permission from the publisher of the
> journal where the article had first appeared, and had paid $500 for it.
> He was just dropping me a courtesy note to let me know about it.
> I wrote back again and let him know that, since I do NOT assign my
> copyright to journals, I was the copyright holder, not the journal, and I
> was happy to give him permission for free.  Also, that he should ask for
> his $500 back, since the journal publisher had no right to it.
> He got his permission, my work became a bit more widely circulated, and he
> saved $500.  DLB

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