[Air-L] Information Technology and Society: Course in Second Life

M. Deanya Lattimore mdlattim at syr.edu
Tue Sep 7 10:26:24 PDT 2010

Dear AoIR,

World University & School is incorporated and is offering a free, open
class on the I.T. Revolution - http://socinfotech.pbworks.com/ - for
WUAS credit, on Harvard's virtual island in Second Life starting this
Saturday Sept. 11 from 11a - 1p PT. (This course could be a great
opportunity for you, or a student of yours, to come into conversation
about a paper you are writing, for example).

World University is also planning to video-stream live a free UC
Berkeley "Biological Anthropology" undergraduate class beginning in
Jan. 2011 (probably on Tuesday and Thursday mornings PT), also for
WUaS credit.

Both courses are listed here:
(where other for-credit courses will be listed).

World University & School is planning for matriculating classes for
online degree course work primarily through partnering with great
universities like UC Berkeley beginning in 2014, with interactivity in
virtual worlds.

Resources are growing at the open, free, editable, wiki World
University & School, where we all can teach and learn:
http://worlduniversity.wikia.com/wiki/World_University. WUaS is like
Wikipedia with MIT OCW, Berkeley Webcast, and facilitating
people-to-people teaching and learning.

Please contact worlduniversityandschool at gmail.com with further
questions, and check out the WUas wiki. There are already a lot of
open, free, wiki teaching and learning resources at World University &
School: http://worlduniversity.wikia.com/wiki/Courses.



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