[Air-L] cultural/political studies on Reverse Engineering ?

Nick air-l at njw.me.uk
Mon Sep 27 03:25:25 PDT 2010

Hi Antoine,

You'd probably be interested in Fravia <http://www.searchlores.org>.  
He started out as a reverse engineer, then moved to hacking search 
engines (in the sense of working out how to use them *really* 
effectively), then focused on cutting through the bullshit which he 
saw as plaguing our times. He saw all of these as different aspects 
of reversing; as vital for personal and collective political and 
cultural wellbeing. He wrote extensively on his website as to why he 
saw this as so important.

Also if you haven't yet I'd look at some of the free software folks 
reverse engineering drivers. I get the impression that for a lot of 
them it's something they wish they didn't have to do (as the 
manufacturers ought to write drivers and explain how their devices 
work), but it's something that "needs to be done."

Good luck with your work.

Nick White

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