[Air-L] Content analysis weblog comments

John McAuley john.mcauley at cs.tcd.ie
Tue Jul 12 07:19:15 PDT 2011

Hey all,

Thanks to everyone who answered my last question.  I can add all the
suggestions into a digest and post if required.
I do have one other question, however.

I am conducting a content analysis of weblogs.
I have scrapped all the comments into a database, sampled and am
currently conducing an inductive categorization approach.  HOWEVER, should I
be grouping the comments by weblog or does it matter?  It is pretty easy to
understand the comments in the first place, and I can check the original
post if needs be, but I want to ensure I am on terra firma.

Thanks y'all,


John McAuley
Knowledge & Data Engineering Group
Trinity College Dublin

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