[Air-L] deception of paypal

gene loeb geneloeb at gmail.com
Tue Jul 12 14:06:08 PDT 2011

Attention all,
I wanted to make readers aware of the deception of the services  used to pay
for membership in AIR in May6.
At the membership site, there was a choice of paying by pay pal. I an not
acquainted with purchasing on line and use a credit card to payThey some
bills. Pay Pal appeared to be a convenient way to pay my 45 dollars
membership. I thought they would send me a bill.

Buried deep in my email, I saw a note from "Billme later.." I thought it was
an ad, not knowing what was sent to me. I had no recognation of how to pay
my paypal and thought it was linked tpo my visa bank card.

Today, I received in the mail a bill from "Billme later", my first such
bill. It was for $109, when membership is only $45. I also received a phone
message from their customer service. In this conversation, the deception
became aware to me.  BILLMELATER is an online FINANCE COMPANY linked to
PAYPAL. The notice I did see today was difficult for an old guy to realize
that Io needed to sigh into a website to get my bill. Further shock: while
Congress has recently passed legislation to regulate bank fees, this online
company, *billmelater is chaging maimum fees *BECAUSE IT IS REGULATED.
Because I didn't realize what was going on, the billing company for PAYPAL
purposely waited TWO months to call me and send a bill. *The late fee was
unregulated. The professional organization of Internet researchers allows
this to happen or is not knowledgeable. This is not a way to get members.
AIR needs to find another way, not allowing PAY PAL to operate.

Gene Loeb, Ph.D.


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