[Air-L] Rumour Mongering through New Media: Nigerial trailing the blaze

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Fri Sep 16 01:36:19 PDT 2011

The uniqueness of how Nigerians use the new media (appropriation) further yields itself to study when nationwide rumour broke out that answering calls from certain mobile phone numbers (09141-1) - obviously the date of the rumour, is deadly. Unprecedented calls and texting were made across new media space while the conventional media and news agencies (the transnational: AP, etc.) lend credence to the uniqueness of the urban legend.

 If you have witnessed such hyping in your commuities (local or national), kindly assist by commenting and providing useful information - Date, Situation, etc. The trend beagn in Nigeria in 2003, when mobile phones subscribers rumoured total switch off of their sets in protest for hike in call tariffs. The political/electioneering periods equally yielded data on such urban legends in (south west) Nigeria. My study focuses on new media appropriation and cultural influences (including demo-psychological) in south-west Nigeria. I'll like to request the most appropriate theoretical underpinnings, kindly assist.

 Thanks people.

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