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AJ Kelton ajk407 at nyu.edu
Thu Sep 29 09:22:14 PDT 2011

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Emerging Learning Design Conference 2012

*“Innovative Practices for Digital Teaching and Learning”*

June 1, 2012

Montclair State University


The theme for the Emerging Learning Design 2012 Conference (#ELD12) is
Practices for Digital Teaching and Learning” *and, like last year’s event,
promises an eclectic mix of presentations and session styles for a wide
variety of comfort levels with technology.

Call for Presentation

Proposals will be peer-reviewed and must be submitted via the online form at
http://eld.montclair.edu by December 1, 2011. For the proposal submission,
please provide a title, 50-word description, and 250-word abstract.

Tracks include: Hybrid & Online Teaching & Learning, Immersive Technology,
Instructional Design & Pedagogy, Leadership & Administration, Library, and

Session types include: Concurrent, 3 x 15, and Ignite!

Like our 2011 conference, the Emerging Learning Design 2012 Conference
(#ELD12) promises an eclectic mix of presentations and session styles for a
wide variety of comfort levels with technology. Please share this invitation
& website with your colleagues! http://eld.montclair.edu

Who Should Present

Who should submit a proposal? If you have used technology in your classroom,
whether it went the way you expected or not, your experiences are almost
certainly of benefit to others. The #ELD12 Conference is an excellent way to
share your success and tribulations with colleagues and perhaps even form
new collaborations through networking.

Most teachers have said, at one time or another, "If you have a question,
ask it, because it's likely others have the same question". The same can be
applied to submitting your experience as a proposal. If you found something
interesting enough to invest time in, we're sure there are others out there
who are interested as well, and can benefit from, your perspective

Who should attend

Who should attend? Those in Higher Education and K-12 who are experienced in
or aspiring to use technology in teaching & learning. Our Keynote,
Concurrent, 3×15, and Ignite! sessions will focus on innovative practices in
the modern digital age. Whether it is a technology rich, hybrid, or online
class, this event showcases best practices in design and implementation for
teachers of all disciplines and levels of technical expertise


AJ Kelton
Director of Emerging Instructional Technology
     College of Humanities and Social Sciences - Montclair State University
Doctoral Student
     Educational Communication and Technology - New York University
Twitter: @EmergLearnDesign
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