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Call for Abstracts: III° Workshop on advanced research methods
University of Urbino Carlo Bo

Urbino – Italy
14, September 2012

During recent years the growing availability of digital user generated
contents and social network sites data led toward new possibilities
for social researches and new approaches and methods came on the
scene.  On one side these new methods (sometimes labeled computational
social science) offer the availability of large amount of data that
were unconceivable before but, on the other side, these data raise new
issues challenging traditional research methodologies on several
different aspects: sampling strategies, data acquisition, data
management, research ethics, data ownership etc.
The availability of these Social Big Data offered computer scientists
the opportunity to deal with topics traditionally belonging to social
sciences (political participation, communication studies, sociology).
This situation is widely recognized and is generating a growing number
of venues (both conferences and journals) characterized by a strong
interdisciplinary approach that aims at moving beyond traditional
research tradition of both fields.

Starting from this perspective the PhD program in Communication
Studies and Arts of the Department of Communication Studies of the
University of Urbino Carlo Bo continues its research plan organizing
the third edition of the Workshop of Advanced Research Methods that
will be hold at the University of Urbino Carlo Bo on Sep. 14th 2012.
The workshop aim to bring together researchers coming from different
fields that, in their own research, are dealing with:

-	UGC production practices;
-	UGC Sharing practices: cultural and legal aspects;
-	Online identity
-	Online Social Data Mining and management
-	Social Network Analysis applied to Web2.0 data
-	Online information propagation
-	Online communities

Short abstracts (500 words) have to be submitted through the website:

- Abstract submission: August 1st 2012
- Notification of acceptance: August 20th 2012

Luca Rossi, Larica - Dipartimento di Scienze della Comunicazione
Università degli Studi di Urbino “Carlo Bo”
email: luca.rossi at uniurb.it
t. +39 0722305726 f. +39 0722305727

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