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From: Michael Kende <kende at isoc.org>
Date: Wed, Feb 12, 2014 at 10:19 AM
Subject: [Chapter-delegates] Internet data and research v2

I am please to announce version two of the portal (with the same URL
as below).  There are two main changes to the portal, and we have also
updated it with recent reports.  The first change is the Amazon-style
system allowing everyone to rate a data source or report (out of five
stars) and provide written comments as well.  The second is to make it
much easier to search, either by category and sub-category or by
keyword.  There is also a link to send in comments including new data
and reports that we overlooked.  Our hope is that this provides a
broad view of the state of the art in what is known about the Internet
and its impact, and that it will also help us to identify gaps in our
knowledge, which we will work to fill.  As such, I hope that you use
the portal and interact with it, and please send it on to broaden the
user base.
Best regards,

From: Michael Kende <kende at isoc.org>
Date: Tuesday, November 26, 2013 4:17 PM

As part of my new role at ISOC, we are launching a new portal on the
ISOC website that aggregates existing data sources and reports (ours
and third-party),  The purpose of it is threefold: first, as a public
resource to learn about the impact of new infrastructure on the
Internet, and the broader economic impact of the Internet; second, in
order to help identify gaps in data, and determine how best to fill
those gaps; and third, to promote new analysis and insights by
everyone in the Internet community, including ourselves, to further
stimulate a better understanding of the Internet and its Economy.

The portal is at.


One outstanding issue is whether, and if so how, to exclude bad
research and data from the list.  On the one hand is a strong desire
to be open and inclusive of all available data and reports, while on
the other hand there is a thought that we should review and exclude
suspect or biased work. We do not have the resources to perform such
extensive review on each linked item (as of today there are over 200
in the database), and I believe that it would be difficult to
determine the criteria for excluding work in any case.  However, in
order to be of most use as a public resource, it would be useful to
provide information that could help all of us make decisions about
what data and reports to use.  As a result, we are considering
including a review section, such as used in Amazon, to rate and
provide comments from all, including hopefully the authors.  For
starters, there are two feedback sections, one to send me comments on
specific reports, and the other to provide suggestions for work that
has not yet been included.  Thoughts on how to move this forward would
be most appreciated.

Best regards,

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