[Air-L] List of textbooks on "ICT Policy" recommended by AOIR members

joo-seong Hwang jameshwang9 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 9 00:29:25 PST 2015

Please find the list of textbooks on "ICT Policy" recommended by the APIR
members. Individual recommendation has already been mailed to you through
the mailing list, but aggregated list would serve you in time and

Thanks you for all the information and efforts of the AOIR members with
sharing spirit.


- Adomi, E. 2011, Framework for ICT Policy: Government, Social and Legal
Issues, New York : Information Science Reference.

- Fransman, M., 2010, The New ICT Ecosystem : Implications for Policies and
Regulation, Cambridge : Cambridge University Press.

- R. Mansell and M. Raboy (Eds). 2011. The Handbook of Global Media and
Communication Policy. (Available online)

- Braman, Sandra. 2012. Change of State: Information, Policy, and Power.
MIT Press.

- Andrew White, 2014, Digital Media and Society : Transforming Economics,
Politics and Social Practices, N.Y.: Palgrave Mcmillan

- Hugh F (Tony) Cline, 2014, Information Communication Technology and
Social Transformation, A Social and Historical Perspective, Routledge

- Grimmelmann, J., Internet Law: Cases and Problems 4.0. on the internet
- Bardach,E. 2011, A Practical Guide for Policy Analysis

- Ludes, P. 2008, Convergence and Fragmentation, Chicago : The University

- Balmer, R.E., 2013, Competition & Investment in Telecommunications and
Media Markets,

- Shiller, D., 2014, Digital Depression: Information Technology and
Economic Crisis,


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