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Proposal Submission Deadline: March 15, 2015
Citizen Engagement and Public Participation in the Era of New Media
A book edited by
Dr. Marco Adria, (University of Alberta)
Dr. Yuping Mao, (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

To be published by IGI Global: http://bit.ly/1KD13x4

For release in the Advances in Public Policy and Administration (APPA) Book Series<http://www.igi-global.com/book-series/advances-public-policy-administration/97862>

Propose a chapter for this book<http://www.igi-global.com/publish/call-for-papers/submit/1643>

The Advances in Public Policy and Administration (APPA) Book Series aims to publish scholarly publications focused on topics pertaining to the governance of the public domain. APPA's focus on timely topics relating to government, public funding, politics, public safety, policy, and law enforcement is particularly relevant to academicians, government officials, and upper-level students seeking the most up-to-date research in their field.

The book will address the opportunities and challenges for the theory and practice of public involvement occasioned by the rise of social media. A single best method for designing public- involvement activities using one or more of the communication modes of social media, mass media, and personal outreach has not emerged, in part because of widely varying social and political contexts. The political economy of a country or region, along with the history of its democratic institutions, will shape approaches to the use of communication media in public- involvement initiatives. In addition, each of the three modes of communication has varying affordances that shape strategies for use.
The book will feature new scholarship from established and emerging scholars from the U.S., Canada, Singapore, China, and the Netherlands, concerning how social media, mass media, and personal outreach have been applied in international sociopolitical contexts. It will consider how these three communication modes may be employed for public-involvement initiatives - separately or in concert. The introductory and concluding chapters will offer theory-based insights into extending and improving public-involvement practices, ensuring that the book has relevance and practical uses beyond the university classroom.

Objective of the Book
The use of public-involvement methods, such as citizen juries and citizen panels, has increased since their introduction in the 1970s, in policy areas including electoral reform, land use, environmental assessment, human reproductive technologies, and health care. This book will address the new opportunities and challenges of public-involvement initiatives that have arisen as a result of the arrival of social media on citizens' mobile devices. The book will ask how and why social media may be used in combination with the already used and understood communication modes of mass media and personal outreach.
Now that social media is in the toolkit for policymakers, elected representatives, scientists, engaged citizens, and activists, should it be used separately in the design of public-involvement initiatives? If it should be combined with mass media and personal outreach, how should this be done? The book takes into account scholarly analysis and commentary about democratic innovations from around the world, including participatory budgeting in Chicago and Porto Alegre, electoral reform in British Columbia and Ontario, and online voting in Italy and Norway.
We seek proposals for chapters that combine practice-based accounts with theoretical insight. Proposals for chapters providing critical interpretations of empirical data, in addition to local, regional, national, and international case studies, are especially encouraged.

Target Audience
University Teachers
The book will be suitable for adoption as a set of core readings for both undergraduate and graduate-level courses. Because the book will be interdisciplinary in its approach, it will find a place on reading lists in departments of political science, communication, sociology, mass media and broadcasting, public administration, and community-service learning. For example, political communication is a course commonly offered in communication and media departments in universities in North America and Europe, focusing on communication channels and process in the political context. Similarly, courses in community engagement are offered at the undergraduate and graduate level in departments of communication, business, and public administration. Such courses focus on devising methods for engaging communities and social sub-groups for public-involvement events and initiatives.
The book will be of interest to community organizers, corporate professionals, consultants, and government administrators. It will also be useful as a reference and guide to practice for citizens and activists who have an interest in improving performance through the effective design of public-involvement initiatives.

Recommended topics include, but are not limited to, the following:
*         The new online public space
*         Social media for public involvement
*         Public discourse and media
*         Theoretical and historical reflections on the domestication of social media
*         A transnational view of political discourse and public participation using media
*         The use of mass media platforms for public involvement
*         Interpersonal, communication, group communication, and social networks to support public involvement
*         An integrated approach to public involvement using mass media, social media, and personal outreach
*         Lessons and future directions in scholarship and practice

Submission Procedure
Researchers and practitioners are invited to submit on or before March 15, 2015, a chapter proposal of 1,000 to 2,000 words, clearly explaining the objective and concerns of the proposed chapter. Authors will be notified by April 15, 2015 about the status of their proposals and sent chapter guidelines. Full chapters of 6,000 to 10,000 words will be due July 30, 2015.
All chapters will be subject to a double-blind review. Authors may also be requested to serve as reviewers. There are no submission fees or acceptance fees for manuscripts.

Full chapters may be submitted to this book here: Submit a chapter<http://www.igi-global.com/publish/call-for-papers/call-details/1643>

All proposals should be submitted through the link at the bottom of this page.

This book is scheduled to be published by IGI Global (formerly Idea Group Inc.), an international academic publisher of the "Information Science Reference" (formerly Idea Group Reference), "Medical Information Science Reference," "Business Science Reference," and "Engineering Science Reference" imprints. IGI Global specializes in publishing reference books, scholarly journals, and electronic databases featuring academic research on a variety of innovative topic areas including, but not limited to, education, social science, medicine and healthcare, business and management, information science and technology, engineering, public administration, library and information science, media and communication studies, and environmental science. For additional information regarding the publisher, please visit www.igi-global.com<http://www.igi-global.com/>. This publication is anticipated to be released in 2016.

Important Dates
March 15, 2015: Proposal Submission Deadline
July 30, 2015: Full Chapters Due
September 30, 2015: Review Results to Authors
October 30, 2015: Revised Chapter Submissions

Inquiries can be forwarded to
Dr. Yuping Mao - mao at eshcc.eur.nl<mailto:mao at eshcc.eur.nl>

Propose a chapter for this book<http://www.igi-global.com/publish/call-for-papers/submit/1643>

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