[Air-L] Software or tool for video analysis, forum-scraping

Martin V Burrows Jr. osic at onoc.org.fj
Sun May 13 18:41:56 PDT 2018


   Let me know if you find such a tool. I would be interested with my own

   With Kind Regards,
   Martin V Burrows Jr.
   Oceania Sport Information Centre
   679-323-1958 (Phone)

   679-722-4181 (Mobile)
   osic at onoc.org.fj

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   Dear all,
   I am a PhD candidate in Science, technology, society at UQAM
   (Université du Québec à Montréal) as well as the coordinator of a
   research infrastructure we are putting in place to study the use of
   digital technologies and medias through thick data approaches. As such,
   we plan to have a lot of video data - wether on field or at the lab -
   and we are looking for a software or a tool that would help us analyze
   this data. Basically, we are looking for something where we could
   annotate the video (something like NVivo but better suited for video)
   while integrating other layers of data (ex. the verbatim of the
   interview), possibly by synchronizing these layers together (if that is
   possible). We were wondering if such a tool might exist, and if yes,
   what might be some of your suggestions?
   We are also planning to have data extracted from social media, web
   sites or forums. About the forums, we were wondering if there was any
   tool (like a web-scraper maybe?) that could help us extract
   publications/conversations automatically through some filters?
   Thank you very much for your help! We are looking forward to make this
   new research space running.
   Rémi Toupin
   toupin.remi at uqam.ca
   Co-coordinator LabCMO
   PhD Candidate - Science, technology and society
   Université du Québec à Montréal
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