[Air-L] cfp 4s: 7. Academic Automation, Machine Un/Learning and Artificial Non/Intelligence

Jeremy Hunsinger jhuns at vt.edu
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7. Academic Automation, Machine Un/Learning and Artificial Non/Intelligence

Over the last 70 years, computational and networked media have become
deeply integrated with higher education and have slowly adopted and
integrated various technologies. The newest generation of technologies
engaging higher education centers around what is popularly called
artificial intelligence, otherwise known as machine learning. Machine
learning creates models that, in part self-design solutions that may
include interaction, prediction, and other simulatable aspects. This
panel invites papers that engage with questions of academic
automation, machine un/learning, and artificial non/intelligence in
the academic context. It seeks critical papers that examine questions
around automatic grading, artificial teaching assistants, robotic
instructors, other academic technologies, and the transformation of
the student and professor roles concerning these technologies.

This panel also seeks papers that engage these technologies in other
academic roles, such as research or service as work. How are these
technologies mediating different academic functions? Who benefits from
these technologies? And who is privileged by them?

We have to consider the roles of craft, artistry, and humanity in
those roles. Is there an argument to be made for automation in the
academy? Is there an argument to be made for AI/Machine learning in
the academy? What kind of relations do these establish? Following Ivan
Illich, should we be rethinking our relations to develop tools and
systems that treat us as human, perhaps even more human than our
current system? Following Virilio, what will be their accident? What
are the good relations between our academic institutions, their
people, and these new technologies?

Keywords: academic automation, AI in the academy, new academic technologies

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