[Air-L] Registration still open for Doctoral Summer School on Sustainable ICT (SICT)

Fieke Jansen JansenF at cardiff.ac.uk
Fri Jun 16 07:12:47 PDT 2023

[Illustration of sustainable, ethic and human-centered ICT]
>From JULY 3rd to 7th 2023 in Grenoble, France
"Radical changes for sustainable and equitable ICT in times of compounding crises"

SICT2023 aims to bridge the gap between research in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and the overarching and inter-related social, environmental, and economic questions of our time. The 4th edition of this doctoral summer school will break away from the dominant social, economic, and political paradigm that is currently fostering the infinite infinities of ICT. (e.g, infinite growth, scalability, resources, data). We aim to explore radical changes that challenge the assumptions or completely rethink the current dominant capitalist economic model, traditionally focusing on growth – perhaps a more holistic and systemic approach is required? Beyond extractivism and profit-oriented business models, we question the coherence and trends of current industrial road-maps in ICT and their effects on planetary boundaries. Alternative paradigms have emerged in this mindset, such as the low-tech movement, the post-colonial and post-growth movements, and the initiatives around design justice. We don’t have to start from scratch, but we can rebuild whilst making the most of what we have.

During the week, we will hear from and connect with scientists, professionals, and change-makers working towards sustainable and equitable ICTs. Through their inputs, we aim to co-develop new imaginaries for radical changes in ICT. Speakers include Anjila Hjalsted, Christoph Becker, Johanna Pohl, Corinne Cath, Alexandra Haché, Paz Pena, Anaïs Tilquin, Raksha Muthukumar, and many more

See the program here<https://www.sictdoctoralschool.com/program-2023>
Register here<https://www.sictdoctoralschool.com/registration>
SICT2021 Doctoral School - Registration

See you all in Grenoble!

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