[Air-L] Data professionals within the Dutch national police and their data practices

Schaefer, M.T. (Mirko) m.t.schaefer at uu.nl
Sat Jun 17 06:48:26 PDT 2023

Dear colleagues,

here's a recent publication spearheaded by Isabelle Fest, PhD candidate at Utrecht University's Police Lab, in which she inquired how data professionals within the Dutch police respond to data ethical issues.

Understanding Data Professionals in the Police: A Qualitative Study of System-Level Bureaucrats

Through the introduction of algorithmic systems into police organizations, a new employee emerged: the data professional. Contrary to street-level officers, little is known of the discretionary power of these system-level bureaucrats. Our qualitative research into the Netherlands Police provides a first empirical and theoretical understanding. The study shows that data professionals exert discretion and are aware of public values, but their value-sensitivity often does not translate into responsible practices. Data professionals use a variety of arguments to dissociate themselves from, or downplay, their responsibilities. We conclude that this distancing hampers the connection between the discretion and responsibility of data professionals.

Open Access here:

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