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Deen Freelon dfreelon at gmail.com
Sat Mar 11 10:32:42 PST 2023

Well, there's this, which gave me a nice laugh yesterday: 

On 3/11/2023 1:18 PM, Fred Fuchs via Air-L wrote:
> Thoughts:
> 1. Is there any preliminary information on new API registration for 
> either commercial or academic use?
> 2. Depending on contractual limitations for any new API service, if 
> any, I wonder if it'd be possible to set up a non-profit which 
> facilitated academic use? This might help with cost sharing if the 
> cost ends up as high as you speculate.
> 3. Depending on the rules under which existing academic datasets were 
> collected, might it be possible to share those among academic users? 
> Again, a non-profit created for the purpose might facilitate the 
> ethical sharing of existing datasets among academic users.
> Fred

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